LAP-BAND®, Fort Lauderdale

Say hello to life again with a LAP-BAND® surgery. Ft Lauderdale, FL, residents troubled by obesity may visit oBand weight loss center for discussing weight loss options they have. We hold expertise in all weight loss procedures including LAP-BAND®, which is the safest and the least invasive weight loss procedure.

LAP-BAND® surgery involves no cutting or stapling of the stomach, or bypassing of the intestines. It places an adjustable and reversible FDA-approved band around the stomach, effectively bringing down the food intake. Along with post-surgical weight loss, the surgery also triggers big improvement in co-morbidities such as arthritis, diabetes and high blood pressure.

Patients who have undergone LAP-BAND® surgery heal faster, experience less pain and leave the hospital sooner than the patients who have been operated on for other weight-loss procedures. As the unwanted flab begins to disappear, patients' self-esteem reaches new limits. They regain the ability to move around and enjoy life, just like their peers and friends.

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